Static™ Dry Erase Notes – White – Small 70mm x 50mm

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Static™ Dry Erase Notes are the next level of Paper Sticky Notes which we use in our day to day activities. Static™ Dry Erase Notes have dry erase surface on both the sides reusable with a Dry Erase marker. Daily tasks like - notes, leaving reminders, visualizing & mapping projects, playing games - become easy with its unique features making the impossible possible now:

Swipe and Rewrite

Static™ Dry Erase Notes come with a unique Dry Erasable surface saving tons of paper waste. With this unique feature rewriting with a dry erase marker on the same Notes countless times becomes possible.


Static™ Dry Erase Notes are 100% glueless and still they cling virtually on any flat surface without using any pins, thumb pins or glue etc. This unique Feature is because of the Electrostatic Charge Technology making the Notes cling on any flat Surface - wood, metal, walls, and screen - without causing any damage to the surface by leaving any residue, holes or marks.

Slide and Replace

Static™ Notes are glueless and so the user can slide it with the help of fingers without taking it off from the surface. You can change the location of the Static™ Notes easily, just as magnet slides on metal surface, providing a better scope when used in presentations, Jumble-games, personal work and more.

Both Sides Reusable

Did we mention Static™ Dry Erase Notes are reusable from both the sides? Static™ Dry Erase can be reused from both the sides. So no matter where you place the Static™ Notes - one side or the other- Static™ Dry Erase will never fail to save your time and give a better touch to your content.


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