About Us


Zeel International was established for the people who love UNIQUE AND TECHNOLOGICALLY INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS. The goal is to create and bring the next level of products to the market for the people to take their thinking and creativity to the next level. “Creating a next level of products require next level of thinking.” STATIC FAMILY is our 1st step towards our goal of next level products.

Static Family is bringing in the NEXT LEVEL OF STATIONARY to the market. We are absolutely thrilled to bring you such a unique technology that will completely change the way you think. Unlike any other products in the market, all our Static Products have a unique writing surface. In some versions both sides of the product act as whiteboard surfaces making them reusable with any whiteboard markers or chalk markers, saving tonnes of paper waste and keeping things neat and tidy. STATIC FAMILY is THE NEXT LEVEL OF WRITING PADS that has an add-on feature of Clinging on any Flat surface. Static Family works on a unique Electrostatic charge technology making it possible to cling your Ideas and thoughts (by writing them on static products) on any flat surface and even slide them freely on the surface. This amazing technology has made such an impact on us that we worked day and night to bring this amazing technology to you, in various forms that will fit in our day to day life, changing the way we think and work.

STATIC FAMILY has three variants:

  1. Static Notes – Next level of stick notes – A combination of sticky notes and a Dry-erase board or White boards

  2. Static Whiteboards - The Next level of Dry-Erase Boards or Whiteboards

  3. Static Planner - The Next level of Monthly and Weekly planners.

We can’t wait for you to try them by yourselves and tell us how it feels to use this amazing piece of technology.

Gone are the days when we had a special room and a wall for brainstorming and discussions with bulky whiteboards and planners which required huge space and once fixed cannot be moved as per the need for they were drilled into the walls, causing damages. Now with Static Family we can convert any place into a conference room – all you need is a flat surface (wall desk, glass, etc.) and Static Family products. Awesome right…!!

Our passion and countless amount of work hours that we have invested in this product has brought us this far. We guarantee that Static Family will change the way we think and implement our ideas and thoughts, reminding and scheduling our tasks.

"Quality matters," and is one of the most important factors in our life. We make sure that we live up to your expectations – weather it is to deal with our clients or the quality of our products – we will make sure that the smile on your face keeps getting wider and wider every time you interact with us.

Zeel International is located in the ‘city that never sleeps’ - “Mumbai” the financial capital of India – giving an immense advantage to connect with you in any part of the world.

Our utmost respect for Narendra Modi for inspiring us with his great ideas and initiatives like MAKE IN INDIA which inspire companies like us to comes up with such unique ideas and create something that can change things forever.